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Top 5 Best Free Fire players in the world

Free Fire is one of the best mobile games in the world. Its fan base is very wide as the active players range in millions every day. To be the best at this game is very hard and yet, there are few individuals who are just better at this game than the others. Here is the list of top five Free Fire players in the world.

1. Sultan Proslo (Dylan Pros)

The list starts off with Sultan Proslo. He is an Indonesian Free Fire content creator and possibly the best Free Fire player in the world. He has impressive statistics and his rank points remain unmatched till date. He has a massive fan following with a whopping number of 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel named Dylan Pros.

2. SK Sabir

SK Sabir is a household name in Indian Free Fire community as he is a popular content creator. He has amassed a big fan following and is close to hitting 5 million mark on his YouTube channel. He is from a well known Free Fire guild called BOSS.

3. Sudeep Sarkar

Sudeep Sarkar is also a popular name from India. He hails the tag of being one of the best close combat players in India. He is known to play for kills and survival goes hand in hand with this strategy. He has a YouTube channel with 1.4 million subscribers.

4. Raistar

Raistar has gained fame in the Indian Free Fire community due to his accuracy and precision while playing Free Fire. He is also known as one of the quickest players in the world and this makes him a lethal opponent to face in game. He has a total of 6.5 million subscribers till date.

5. TSG Jash

TSG Jash is the part of famous TSG clan that has its origins in India. They are well known for their team gameplay and Jash definitely stands out among the rest. TSG stands for Two Side Gamers and is owned by TSG Ritik and TSG Jash. It has a huge fan base of 10 million subscribers.

These are the top five Free Fire players in the world. The rankings might change with time but each of them is known due to their own style of playing the game.

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