Free Fire TopUp Centre: Get double diamonds for purchases

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Free Fire is a very popular battle royale title in the mobile gaming industry. One of the major reasons for its popularity is its wide array of skins and cosmetic bundles. They can only be bought with the in-game currency like diamonds and they are quite costly. Garena has provided a small getaway from this as players can get 100% bonus diamonds on their first purchase of diamonds from a new centre called Free Fire Topup Centre.

Diamond is quite a valuable asset in Free Fire as it is the only method to get expensive and rare skins or items. Due to this reason, they are sold at a hefty price as well and players can often think twice before buying them. Due to this reason, Garena has come up with a small solution.

Players that are purchasing diamonds for the first time from Free Fire TopUp Centre can enjoy a 100% bonus after buying a certain amount of diamonds. This means that players who have never purchased diamonds can get double the amount by paying the normal rate.

To do so, players can simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Click here and go to the TopUp centre. Click on Free Fire option.
  2. Login to your Free Fire account.
  3. Select a payment method. The next menu will display different bundles of diamonds with 100% bonus available.
  4. Select any one of them and complete the purchase.

After following these steps, the diamonds will be deposited to your Free Fire account. Enjoy this offer before it gets expired.


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