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How to Permanently Unlock Upgrades in Sifu

Sifu is a mixed-martial-arts beat ‘em up game that features deep and satisfying combat with over 100 unique combat moves as players can chain their attacks and use a large variety of weapons and objects to aid them in combat.

While it may sound easy on paper, Sifu requires a ton of skill and practice to play through despite its main story being under 5 hours long, according to HowLongToBeat. Unless you want to unlock the True Ending, which might take several playthroughs.

But beating the game isn’t a simple task as you’ll need a lot of skill points to level up and upgrade your skills. However, if you reach the age of 70, which is the maximum age in the game, you’ll lose all your progress including any obtained skills.

How to Permanently Unlock Upgrades in Sifu

You can unlock skills in three following ways:

  • At Jade Dragon statues.
  • After dying.
  • At the tree in Wuguan.

To unlock a skill permanently, you must purchase it five times. Buying a skill multiple times is always recommended since it’ll be helpful for any consecutive runs which will make it easier to progress.

You will lose all your XP if you replay a level, but it will carry over once you’ve beaten it, which is why you should spend your XP as soon as you can.

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