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Pokimane calls out influencers undergoing plastic surgeries

One of the biggest Twitch streamers, Pokimane has called out influencers who undergo plastic surgery which she believes has created “unrealistic standards” for their fans and followers.

With over 9 million followers on Twitch, Pokimane is arguably the most influential woman in the gaming space who can boast millions of fans. Her content is often viewed as the industry standard for gaming entertainment and its safe to say she has one of most influential Twitch profiles.

In her most recent Tweet, she has taken a shot at influencers, setting unrealistic standards for their fans and followers.


“It makes me so sad to see influencers be deceitful about the procedures they have gotten, or act like they ‘worked hard in the gym’ for those changes,” she wrote.

“You’re creating unrealistic standards for the young girls that follow you.”

Several influencers are altering their bodies to look more appealing, which is something Poki doesn’t approve of given it cannot be achieved with hard work and proper diet alone i.e the natural ways.

Valkyrae also had her take on this before Pokimane where she said she would never undergo plastic surgery to look different and that she would accept her natural changes.

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