UP School becomes first in India to introduce esports as a part of extracurricular activities

A Varanasi-based educational institute called Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools has become the first Indian school to officially introduce esports in their curriculum to encourage a new generation of learners. Esports will be added as an extracurricular activity in the syllabus in order to improve overall performance and well-being.

Esports is being recognized globally as the future of sports and competition in a digital way and has amassed millions of players as well as viewers till date. India is rising to come on the forefront of this growth and titles like BGMI and Valorant are trying to create a sustainable esports ecosystem locally.

The popularity of esports and its intense competition has also lured official bodies like AESF to encourage its growth and bring it on the official stage such as Asian Games 2022. India will be one of the participants in the esports medal event of Asian Games.

Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools has identified this potential of esports and has decided to put it as an extra curricular activity for students. According to a report by The Print, Esports improves self-esteem, enhanced visual-spatial reasoning, development of motor skills, greater technological proficiency.

Talking about the inculcation of esports in the school syllabus, the Director Pooja Madhok said the following:

For nearly 50 years, Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools has strived to harness the limitless energy and creativity of children through a holistic education that encompasses academics, co-curricular activities, sports, and life skills. In today’s tech-savvy world, it is critical to equip children with the ability and skills to cope with a rapidly changing world. The objective behind including E-sports in our extracurricular activities is to introduce healthy competition among students and help improve their overall performance and well-being

– Pooja Madhok, Director, Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools.

Being the first Indian school to add esports in the school curriculum, Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools has set a benchmarks for other educational institutions to identify its potential and substitute it in their own extracurricular activities along with sports, music drama and other such activities.