Players of retaliation: Another made in Inda PUBG Mobile alternative

Players on Retaliation is the new shooter battle royale title announced by Chennai Games.

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PUBG Mobile has been the game which has secured a special place in the hearts of many mobile gamers as it became one of the biggest hits in India in the recent times. Despite the game being banned, the popularity of PUBG Mobile does not seem to fade away. Until it returns, several Indian PUBG Mobile alternatives are on their way and Player of Retaliation is one of them.

Player of Retaliation or POR is the upcoming ‘Shooting Battle Royale’ game which is under development by Chennai Games. The description of this game is given below.

POR (Players on Retaliation) is a new Shooting Battle Royale with nonstop action pack, thrill & revenge with a strong storyline based Shooter! Coming soon…

– Chennai Games

This new game is going to be a battle-royale title and may fill the void left by PUBG Mobile. Similar to FAUG, which is set to arrive by next year, the announcement of POR has piqued the interest of mobile gamers waiting for an Indian alternative.

The announcement post has also revealed that POR will have everything a successful battle-royale needs. Starting with easy control and realistic graphics, it will have many weapons and characters.

The game will be available in FPS or TPS mode and will also include an online PvP shooter mode. A small hint about a possible zombie mode is also made at the end.

Overall, a potential rival to PUBG Mobile is set to come in the market and it will be interesting to see how the developers live up to the expectations built up by the announcement.

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