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How to get Kamera Gadget in Genshin Impact

Here's how you can obtain the Kamera Gadget and unlock photo mode in Genshin Impact.

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The camera in Genshin Impact allows players to capture the beautiful sceneries across the wide region of Tevyat. This feature can be accessed by clicking the camera button on the left side of the UI.

However, the old Genshin Impact camera had a number of limitations. For instance, players were unable to click a picture during fights, while gliding or climbing structures.

Luckily, miHoYo has implemented a method for players to upgrade their camera to bypass these limitations. To obtain this newly introduced Kamera, players have to complete a quest titled ‘Snapshots’.

‘Snapshots’ being one of the city reputation missions of Liyue, players need to have a minimum of Adventurer rank 25 to be able to take the quest.


If you meet the rank requirements, find Ms. Yu to the east of Liyue Harbor near the docks to get the quest.

Once you’ve accepted the quest, you have to find Xu and speak with him
who’s usually seen standing between the city’s northern waypoint and the Mingxing jewelry store.

In order to complete the quest, you have to deliver photos to two NPCs. The first NPC named Liu Su can be easily found by going up the stairs across the merchant located to the right of the jewelry store.

The next NPC named Granny Shan can be found to the north of the city’s alchemy station and Eastern waypoint. Speak with her then return to Xu to receive your Kamera device.

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