German group Planetkey Dynamics have been excluded from Rising Stars Europe in the wake of winning in front of the pack in the $3,000 competition because of wagering infringement.

With Rising Stars Europe being the last territorial competition of’s arrangement of local online competitions that doled out cash to lesser known groups, debate was never far around the bend as the elimination round between two German groups (ALTERNATE aTTaX and Planetkey Dynamics) was covered in allegations of the last group taking part in suspicious playing.

As the objections of players, for example, ALTERNATE’s Oliver “kzy” Heck constrained the competition administrators to investigate and pore over demos, Planetkey went ahead to play the stupendous last against Danish group Revival which they won 2-0 (16-4 on de_cache and 16-7 on de_mirage).


Although other insalubrious accusations were ultimately unproven, a joint investigation by’s admins and CSGOLounge ultimately found that two players involved in Planetkey, Thilo “syken” Phan and Koray “xall” Yaman, placed extremely high bets on Planetkey to win the game against Revival (Phan himself did not play in the grand final though he played in the semifinal).

As betting on oneself violates the Rising Stars ruleset, the team have been officially disqualified from the tournament despite winning it. In addition, Phan and Yaman have been both permanently banned from tournaments in the future.

As a consequence of’s choice, Danish group Revival will guarantee the primary spot prize check while runners-up ALTERNATE aTTaX and it doesn’t mind will part the second place prize cash.: