Simple Radar recreated by a community member is challenging Valve

Simple Radar

Simple Radar, as the name defines itself is a tool which claims to be more accurate and practically effective during game-play as they have tweaked the original radar with general desceny so as to make the radar appear better than the default one.

As the creator of the tool says, Simple Radar comes up with power-packed features which are basic tweaks as he claims to be. According to the website: “We are using titanium white for outlines and mixture of blue and green for the rest so you’ll have maximum contrast for red which is color of the enemy,bomb and questionmark sign.”

Simple Radar

The color contrast isn’t the only reason to use Simple Radar, instead, they have managed to eliminate certain unfixed in-game bugs which create problems in fetching and reflecting datas on radar. As they say, this tool is the solebest available in the market. Also considering the fact that there are no such competitors to such application as of yet. Simple Radar is currently available for three of the most popular maps of the game, Dust2, Inferno and Mirage; Other 12 maps are under consturction and will be available at a later date after the completion. There’s also a donate tab available if you would like to support this open source free project and help it develop even further.

We just hope that this doesn’t come under Valve scanner of malcious codes or illegal modifications to gamefiles, otherwise, all of the hardwork would be worthless. You can connect with the owner of the project at:

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