PGL Stockholm Major Becomes Most Watched CS:GO Major in History

PGL Major 2021

The first Major in 2 years is living up to the hype on every front, with the numbers to back it up. After breaking the opening day viewership record with 667k viewers, the tournament has only increased in popularity. With the playoffs hitting the 1 million mark on the first day at the Avicii Arena, it was expected that games between the best teams would only hit bigger milestones.

And it was true, as the game between Natus Vincere and Team Vitality, the last quarter final of the PGL Major hit a peak of 1.37 Million viewers. That is the most out of every CS:GO Major till date. PGL Stokcholm had already surpassed the last Major – StarLadder Berlin 2019 on the first day of the Legends Stage itself.

As per, ELEGAUE Atlanta Major in 2017 had the record till now with 1.33 Million viewers followed by ELEAGUE Boston in 2018 at 1.32 Million.

PGL Major Stockholm overcame that with a whopping 1.35 million concurrent viewers, tuning in for the NaVi-Vitality Game. What was more, it didnt stop there. The streams kept gaining viewers and the overall peak was 1.37 Million.