PGL Major Surpasses StarLadder Berlin 2019 in Viewership on First Day of Legends Stage

pgl csgo major stockholm

The biggest event in more than 2 years for Counter Strike, PGL Major Stockholm is already breaking records each day in viewership. First it was the record 667k on opening day, the highest for a Major’s opening day.

Today it was followed by a peak of 840k viewers watching the game simultaneously. For comparison, the StarLadder Berlin Major in 2019 had a peak viewership of 836k viewers.

The first Major in 2 years is on the rise, and with the playoffs still a few days away we can only imagine how high the numbers will go. Especially with teams like FURIA and Astralis yet to play. It is expected to surpass the numbers of IEM Katowice 2019, which had 1.1m Viewers simultaneously watching the games.

This kind of viewership for Best of 1 games speaks volumes about CS, and how it truly is Global Offensive.