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Paper Rex and Optic secure Upper Finals at Valorant Masters Copenhagen

The Upper Semifinals of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen went underway on the fourth day of the Knockouts. 

The fixtures had the tournament favorites playing against each other.

Summary of VCT Masters Copenhagen Knockouts day 5:

  • Game 1: Paper Rex 2-0 Fnatic
  • Game 2: DRX 1-2 Optic Gaming

Game 1: Paper Rex 2-0 Fnatic:

The first upper semi-finals was APAC #1 taking on EMEA #1, a clash of playstyles with Paper Rex’s aggressive Yolo playstyle taking on Fnatic’s slow and strategic approach. 

The first map chosen was Fnatic choosing to play Ascent with Breeze and Icebox banned. With Fnatic on defense, the game started with a back and forth of strings of the round, with Fnatic winning the last round to equalize the scoreline in the first half.

The second half started with Paper Rex winning the pistol while Fnatic answered with three rounds, and Paper Rex won the next four to reach the map point. The map came down to the last round with Paper Rex on 12 and Fnatic on 11, and a lost 1v1 for Fnatic lost their map pick.  

Play of the Map: Mindfreak 1v4 Clutch retake. 
Player of the map: Mindfreak KDA - 28/14/8 ACS - 318

Paper Rex’s bind started with Fnatic on the attack, winning five out of the starting eight rounds and seemed to have gained momentum, but Paper Rex quickly clapped back at Fnatic and won the last four rounds. The half ended with Paper Rex leading 7-5.

The second half seemed to be going in Paper Rex’s favor, but Fnatic found the answer to Paper Rex’s aggression, winning four rounds in a row to reach the score of 10-11. Paper Rex, though, with set plays, managed to take the sites for free and won the map 13-10 and the series 2-0.

Play of the Map: Forsaken A site 3-K
Player of the Map: Jinggg KDA - 25/19/5 ACS - 319
Player of the Series: Jinggg KDA - 46/38/9 ACS - 292

The win secured Paper Rex the Upper Finals spot, and they have outrun their Reykjavik run. Fnatic needs to make a lower bracket run to make it to the finals. 

Game 2: DRX 1-2 Optic Gaming

The Masters Reykjavik Rematch had DRX and Optic Gaming taking on each other. The first map started with Optic playing Fracture and choosing to defend the site. DRX attacked with perfect set plays to win the first half 11-1

The second half had Optic Gaming struggling to hold on, but DRX closed the map 13-4.

Play of the Map: Zest & BuZz 2v5 Clutch.
Player of the Map: Zest K/D/A - 19/6/4 ACS - 280

Before the second map, almost everyone counted Optic out of the game, but Optic on Breeze completely “Split” open DRX’s defense, winning the first half 10-2.

The second half had DRX resisting, but the map closed 13-4 in Optic’s favor.

Play of the Map: Stax A Main aggressive 3K
Player of the Map: yay K/D/A - 22/8/3 ACS - 219

The last map was a bit more competitive than the first two maps, with Optic winning the first two rounds and DRX quickly answering back with three rounds. Optic Gaming, despite the resistance, collected six out of the next seven rounds to close the half 8-4 to start the final map with a lead. 

The second half started with Optic extending their lead to ten, winning the pistol round and the follow-up.

DRX managed to return the favor by stringing together multiple rounds. A clutch from Yay stopped this stomp from DRX to win Optic the eleventh round, and a thrifty got them the map point, and off of that, they won the final map 13-11. 

Play of the Map: Yay Thrifty Clutch
Player of the Map: Yay KDA - 24/19/4 ACS - 163
Player of the Series: Yay KDA - 62/41/9 ACS - 304

With this Victory, Optic Gaming secured Upper Finals again, and they would play Paper Rex at the Upper Finals. DRX would play FPX in the Lower round 2 tomorrow, along with Fnatic taking on Leviatan for tournament contention.

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