It has been only a few weeks since the release of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and the “massively multiplayer party game” has already won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. This unique take on the “battle royale” genre is experiencing steady and rapid growth in terms of player base. This growth has led many popular streamers, including big names on YouTube like Pewdiepie and DrDisrespect to try out the game.

Due to Fall Guys being such an enjoyable casual game, many people had doubts about its place in the esports scene. It wasn’t your conventional “competitive” game and the game didn’t focus as much on its competitiveness as it did on the actual gameplay. However, after some instances, it appears like Fall Guys might slowly be making its way to enter the world of competitive esports.

Only a few days ago, the first Fall Guys tournament was announced to be held on August 27th. FallMania will be a streamers-only invitational of multiple rounds. It’s unclear how many rounds will exactly be played, but each round will boast a prize money of a whopping $5,000 for the winner.

Days after the announcement of FallMania, Panda Global has announced the first official competitive roster for Fall Guys. The roster currently consists of four players with their own specific roles namely the captain, specialist, wildcard and support. Here are the members of the team along with their respective roles:

  • CONEY – Captain
  • FullStream – Specialist
  • Jaaahsh – Support
  • Marss – Wild Card

Only time can tell how far will Fall Guys progress as an esport, but it’ll largely be determined by what direction the Fall Guys devs choose to take their game in.