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A Class 9 Student From Manipur launches a COVID-19 Themed Mobile Game

A 13-year-old boy from Manipur develops a COVID-19 themed game amid lockdown.


A 13 year-old boy has developed a coronavirus themed mobile game in the lockdown period. The name of this game is ‘Coroboi’ and the boy developed this game within two weeks with the help of his uncle.

The class 9 kid named Baldeep Ningthoujam is away from his home and amid all the free time in this pandemic, his uncle suggested him to work on a themed game which is now available on android platform.

The game gives retro vibes with a protagonist dressed in the traditional attire from Manipur and is donning a mask is stranded and wants to return his home. The player has to dodge the virus hurdles and even skip police to stack points.

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The boy explains that the point deducting system by police force is inspired from the fact on how police issued fines on those violating lockdown norms. If the character touches a police, the player loses 5000 points.

The teenager has also highlighted the use of sanitizer in this game. If the in-game character uses the sanitizer, it can touch anything during his journey.

This unique game by a young developer is available on Google Play Store and already has 10,000+ downloads within five days. You can try this game by clicking here.

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