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Claim 3 Free Overwatch Loot Boxes With Prime Gaming

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Fans of Overwatch patiently waiting for the release of the sequel of the game can in the meantime claim 3 free lootboxes for their favorite title. As part of Amazon’s Prime Day celebration, Overwatch 1 players can claim 3 standard lootboxes for free from the Prime Gaming giveaway.

Overwatch Prime Gaming Loot

Prime Gaming subscribers can unlock three free standard loot boxes via the Prime Gaming Loot section and open them for free in-game. To claim these 3 loot boxes you just need a valid Prime Gaming Subscription.

Subscribing to Prime Gaming costs $15 a month after a 30-day free trial and will unlock tons of free games plus in-game content for titles like VALORANT, League, Wild Rift, FIFA, and several others. Prime Gaming users also get a free Twitch subscription they can use once a month on any creator, plus unlimited access to Prime Video’s streaming catalog.

“A-Mei-zing! ✨ 

Unlock 3 Free Standard loot Boxes for a limited time with 



Grab ’em now 👉  https://blizz.ly/3iQ4Dvy”

How To Claim the Overwatch Prime Gaming Lootboxes

To claim the lootboxes from prime gaming loot all you need is to have an active prime gaming subscription and an Overwatch account.

After confirming the above accounts are in place follow the steps below:

  1. log in to prime gaming here.
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Now link your Overwatch Account with Prime Gaming
  4. Confirm that the link is successful
  5. Now go to the “Games and Loot” section
  6. Click on Overwatch and claim Lootboxes.

After successfully claiming the lootboxes, you will receive a message in-game with 3 standard lootboxes. 

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