How To Put Paper Bag On Your Cat’s Head In Stray

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Released this week, Stray has quickly taken over the internet by storm. With players loving the cat roleplay and traversing through levels designed especially for natural cat movement. The game is full of mechanics and puzzles that will keep the playerbase engaged for hours. 

The gameplay mechanics are just designed for completing levels or solving puzzles, players can find walls, couches, and curtains to scratch and other random stuff to do, which a real-world cat would do. They might also discover several activities to perform such as dunking a basketball or chucking flowerpots from ledges over robots. Stray is filled with many mini-activities and fun mechanics are players are still discovering. 

One such mechanic that was recently uncovered was the Paper Bag hat. In Stary, players can complete an achievement “Curiosity Killed The Cat”, where you just need to find and put a paper bag over your orange feline protagonist.  

Completing the achievement is also as simple as it sounds. You will find several paper bags spread across the different levels of the game or on the ground while exploring the post-apocalyptic city. While you can also find paper bags in some key locations like Momo’s Apartment, etc.  

How To Put Paper Bag On Cat’s Head In Stray

Once you find the paper bag, simply walk up to the paper bag and the game will prompt an interact button. Press the button and our orange protagonist will put on the paper bag over its head. You will get the achievement as soon as the animation is over  Additionally while our protagonist is wearing the paper bag, the controls will be inverted for a few seconds before our cat recovers. 

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