Overwatch League and Kellogg signs Multi-Year promotion Deal

Image credit: Overwatch League

The Activision Blizzard’s franchised Overwatch League have signed a multi-year promotion deal with American food manufacturing Kellogg’s to promote their brands Pringles and Cheez-IT through 2021. Although no financial details were revealed.

As part of the deal, OWL will include branded show segments, product showcase, and ticket giveaways for events. The deal will include international promotion for Pringles only whereas Cheez-IT will be promoted in the U.S only.

Currently, Kellogg’s sells a special players pack where the consumer is able to get an Overwatch Loot Boost which will grant the user additional standard loot box next three times when they level up.

Pringles Wavy and Cheez-IT Grooves products will be featured in the upcoming OWL Grand Finals on September 29th. Both products will be featured in halftime shows and highlight segments as well as on desk of analyst and commentators. A one-day sampling of the products will also be setup on the event and Kellogg’s will be settingan OWL viewing party at over 1000 Walmart stores across the U.S.

Zion Doran, Senior Director of Kellogg said

“We know snack lovers of Cheez-It and Pringles are active in esports, especially the Overwatch League, so this is a great opportunity to connect two passion points together.”

Starting from 2020, both brands of Kellogg’s will have products that will feature OWL branding and also offer giveaway and loot for Overwatch across U.S.

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