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Liquid faces humiliating loss at StarLadder Berlin Major and goes on the brink of elimination.

The best rated team in the world by HLTV, Team Liquid has failed to impress its fans at the StarLadder Berlin Major. In one of the most unexpected way possible, Team Liquid lost to AVANGAR 22-18 on Overpass. AVANGAR is considered to be a very low-tier team and fans were expecting Team Liquid to crush their lineup, but things went horribly wrong for Team Liquid today. Now facing 1-2 at the Majors, Team Liquid is at the brink of elimination with a possibility that they would not even qualify for Legend status at the Major.

AVANGAR was in fine shape and played a great match against Team Liquid. Although, Team Liquid took an early advantage of 5-0 after getting a 5vs1 plant executed by a perfect early rush, Dzhami “Jame” Ali was there to save the day for AVANGAR and dropped two crucial frags on round six to bring the score to 9-6 in the first half.

The pistol round in second half was an easy win for AVANGAR and they went on to dominate Team Liquid playing as counter-terrorists in multiple rounds. Keith “NAF” Markovic did his best to save the crumbling hopes of Team Liquid by carrying out a close 1vs2 clutch but that didn’t stop AVANGAR from dragging the game into overtime where they defeated Team Liquid to close it out at the Major.

Liquid will play their next match on Aug. 31 and will face another team that’s in the 1-2 bracket.


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