DreamEaters becomes the first team to be eliminated from the StarLadder Berlin Major

The best-of-three face-off elimination match between Renegades and DreamEaters came to a conclusion with Renegades closing out the series 2-0 over DreamEaters and eliminating them from the Berlin Major.

The first map was Mirage. DreamEaters successfully got 2 initial rounds to themselves as an early advantage on the map. But, their success was short-lived as the rifles coming out from Aaron “AZR” Ward and Justin “jks” Savage pulled the tides in favor of Renegades. By the end of the first half, DreamEaters were still holding their ground against the likes of Renegades with a slight deficit. In the second half, however, Renegades absolutely dominated the lineup of DreamEaters and closed out the map easily in their favor.

The next map on the line was Train. Renegades took the early pistol round lead due to the excellent performance of AZR and Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad stopping the attacking DreamEaters right on their tracks. The Australian squad stood their ground and their defense seemed impenetrable and they closed out the first half by a large margin in their favor. The Russian team tried their best to make a comeback as it was a do or die situation for them, but they were made quick work of by the strong-looking Australian squad. The BO3 series was closed out with Renegades coming out victorious and securing a clean win over DreamEaters going 2-0 against them.

This win over DreamEaters allowed Renegades to retain their grounds at the Major after losing their first two games. The same could not be said for DreamEaters however, with no wins in their bag and with an overall score of 0-3 at the Major they will be the first team to be eliminated from the StarLadder Berlin Major.