DOTA 2 post TI9 Roster Shuffle

The International 2019 has come to its conclusion with Redbull.OG taking a second win this year making it a two in a row for them. That being said, professional teams and players are already looking forward to the shuffle session coming up and are already at work deciding their strategy and approach for the upcoming shuffle session.

Here is a guide to help you with the rumors that have been confirmed recently which might interest you regarding the Post-TI9 Shuffle:

EternalEnvy has announced that he will be heading into the next season with the following roster via his twitter post:
EE Bryle MoonMeander SneyKing Aui_2000

Infamous has announced that it will part ways with its current roster but the team will still be sticking together via twitter.

PSG.LGD has confirmed that they are confident about their roster and will be heading into the following season without any changes to it via weibo.

It has been confirmed that 357 (the coach of PSG.LGD) has resigned and fy has taken a 3 months break from competitive DOTA 2 via weibo.

Fade from Vici Gaming has announced retirement from competitive DOTA 2 via weibo.

Sccc has announced that he will be leaving Newbee and taking a break this year from competitive DOTA 2 via his weibo.

Alliance’s co-owner stated that Alliance plans to remain the same for the coming season via twitter.

Complexity has confirmed the release of their current DOTA 2 roster via twitter as previously mentioned on the site.

Danil “gpk” Skutin will be joining Gambit Esports as position 2 player for the upcoming season. This was confirmed via Gambit Esports official twitter.

T1 plans to enter the DOTA 2 competitive scene for the coming season and the first player signed by T1 is Forev. The signing was confirmed by an official tweet of T1 on twitter.

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