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OpTic H3CZ hints CDL LAN events to resume from Stage 4

Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez, OpTic Chicago CEO in the OpTic pre-show event revealed that the Call of Duty League LAN events may return from Stage 4 onwards.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the globe in 2019, we saw many LAN events being transitioned to an online format including some of the top event organizers doing the same followed by the CSGO major and Dota 2’s The International getting called off.

With the Vaccinations being rolled out by the government officials, we might soon see the crowd return to the arenas to witness their favorite teams play and this might be a delightful moment for the Call of Duty fans as Stage 4 of the CDL event may go on to be held on LAN. The latter has been hinted by Hecz on the OpTic Pre-Show event where the organization’s CEO stated,

We’ve just received some clarity on that LAN. We won’t see a LAN event until the following stage. And then after that, the next stage is the OpTic Chicago homestand. Yet to be announced as for where it is, not that it matters because no one’s showing up anyway. I don’t think that we’ll see fans until… maybe Champs. Maybe Champs.

The CDL Stage 4 major is scheduled to run from June 16-20 and if it’s proposed to be held on LAN, the whole tournament will transition to an offline play from June onwards only if the situations are eased by then and the infection is brought under control. Otherwise, as per Hecz, the whole offline thing might be put into effect by the start of CDL Championships 2021.

To know more about the ongoing Stage 3 schedule, click here.

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