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Women Deal With Harassment & Discrimination Almost Everyday In The Esports Industry


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Inter Esports Exhibit Federation (IEEF) Conducted a survey in Esport community among reputed organisation and random female players and what came out as a truth is really disheartening. Our female gamers, streamers of competitive esports athletes face tremendous difficulties in community of Esports.

There are few major step backs which are obstacle in growth of female players.


Our society contains specific gentry which demotivate female esport player to carry on Esports as a career because they are seen as disgrace to society for playing games.

Lack of support

Parent doesn’t see esport as a career hence they prevent girls to play games in professional way on second thought they try to convince them to leave Esport saying that after marriage you can’t do such things hence they are willingly not providing set ups needed to play games.

Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination is one of the biggest problems in the Esports industries. Our Constitution states that men and women have equal rights yet female players are in limited numbers and so are the opportunity for them.

Harassment and abusive toxicity online

Whenever a female player try to play among regular opportunity and tournament they get abusive language in there and player harass them in every possible way online. Hence in frustration they leave Esports. Number get leaks and later on female get abusive calls and messages over their phone numbers.

Lack of opportunities

There are limited numbers of opportunities for female player in form of practice and earning from Esport community. Less tournaments, less practice scrims so they are forced to play in limited area of a sport which are again run by male esports organisations.

Sexual comments

If a female player open ups social media to showcase their gameplay, other players or male players visit them and give sexual comments and send her are harsh messages to their inboxes which demoralize female players to carry on with their progress in Esport. This Continues in voice chat that is in game feature which makes it impossible for a female to play

Many male gamers even try to suppress them in many different ways hence preventing them to play independently and fearlessly

Viewer mentality

Viewers also take big part in demoralizing female player by saying she is getting views and followers just because of being a girl and if she support any gender then she got judged as she is interested in them or wants to get fame.

Even if she plays with a male fellow gamer then automatically viewers decide that they are in relationship hence demotivating players to practice or play female players can’t even say this to any anyone as she will be judged later on for this.

This needs to stop. Every player in community needs to understand it that everyone has equal rights to spread their wings, see dreams and to change them and becoming professional in Esport sector.

IEEF (Inter Esport Exhibit Federation) is working to empower sportsmanship and to clean his put community from scams and unethical procedures. This organisation helps all the players from being scammed and spread awareness in every possible social platform to aware players not to get involved in such activities.

The Indian government issued a woman helpline number 1091 to help women to report such harassment they are facing not only in Esport community but everywhere. Fearless female players who are facing such difficulties can directly go to their local administration and law-enforcement and file a complaint. They keep your identities anonymous, so no harm will come to you in any way .

Next time you come across these online threats and comments, report them to the Cybercrime department.

Dr. Sumeet Dahiya
Dr Sumeet Dahiya is a dentist, gamer by profession and working actively as Committee Head in Inter Esports Exhibit Federation (IEEF).He and his team is working to empower Esports Community by informative videos through IEEF social media platforms.He is giving his services in Health Sector since 12 years and also fighting for COVID-19 situations.

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