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Opinion: This is how Fnatic should line up after the Starladder Berlin Major

Another promising roster bit the dust for Fnatic. While the Xizt-led stack had their days towards the top end in competitions, they faltered when it mattered the most, bowing out of the European Minor. Fnatic will not be attending the Starladder Berlin Major.

It’s a tough prospect to gulp down for the fans, who had hoped big things from the roster that showed so many signs of reinvigorating the Fnatic brand. But, changes need to be made after this debacle.

Krimz has hinted towards taking some time away, but it is most likely to be the time period between the European Minor and when the Starladder Berlin Major ends. There have been calls to axe Xizt from the roster after his inconsistent performances on the server and his irate and somewhat seemingly irrational map vetos in some crucial matches.

With Ninjas in Pyjamas also set to bid Get_RighT adieu after the Major, we could be in for another Swedish shuffle. With Fnatic having failed to qualify for the Major, they are not under any compulsion to retain a core of the current lineup and this could make things interesting for the brand going into the shuffle.

We opine a prospective lineup that could very well take shape after the Starladder Berlin Major.

Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin (Current Team: Fnatic)

fnatic brollan
Photo: HLTV

If there’s a player Fnatic should build their team around, it has to be the 17-year-old prodigy. Granted, Brollan hasn’t exactly been mirroring consistency in recent matches. But, that could be down to a wide range of factors.

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Brollan is not an entry fragger but has shouldered the burden in more than 20% of the rounds, with a success rate of 48.4%. He has a positive ratio in terms of 1v1 clutches and in a handy customer in 1vx clutches.

Picture Courtesy – HLTV

Fact remains that Brollan has the best rating (1.04) during the current lineup than any other player within the Fnatic roster. The 17-year-old might not light up the server with his firepower.

But, Brollan has it in him to be a consistently daunting prospect to go up against. The 17-year-old is no ZyWoO. But, he doesn’t have to be, in order for Fnatic to be successful.

Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson (Current Team: Fnatic)

Probably the most successful and consistent player to have featured under the Fnatic banner, KRIMZ continues to pull up numbers. He did so in 2018, being the only Swedish player to feature in HLTV’s Top 20 Players of 2018 (9).

KRIMZ isn’t far behind Brollan in terms of rating (1.03) and has a much higher K/D difference than the 17-year-old. Every world-class roster needs an experienced head in it. For Fnatic, KRIMZ should be that man.

But, it might be time to come out of the ‘support’ role shell for the 25-year-old.

Tim ‘nawwk’ Jonasson (Current Team: GamerLegion)

Photo Via FRAGlider

Fnatic would also need a new primary Awper. Twist hasn’t produced the goods consistently with the BIG Green Gun while JW is a pale shadow of his former self. The eccentric star did perform exquisitely well in the European Minor and has signed a long-term contract with Fnatic.

But, the Swedish giants will have to secure a new-look squad for the future. Sadly, we don’t see JW being a part of it.

Coming to his replacement, we have chosen nawwk from GamerLegion. Boasting brilliant statistics in opening duels, the 21-year-old, in many ways, is like JW, minus the eccentricity and the bold plays obviously.

And perhaps, that is what Fnatic need, players who don’t try the bodacious but form a flow. nawwk is equally capable with the rifles in his hand as he is with the AWP, which is something that is the need of the hour.

We have seen Liquid run Hybrid setups and while Fnatic will have a pure AWPer in nawwk, it is essential to have 5 players on the roster who can rifle.

The good thing about nawwk is that he is consistent when it comes to his individual ability. The 21-year-old failed to touch the 1.00 barrier in just one of his last 12 events, which was, unfortunately, the European Minor Closed Qualifiers.

A broader examination shows he has failed to do so just 7 times in his last 42 events, an average of 1 every 6 events. Coming to opening duels, nawwk had a success rate of 63.4% at GamerLegion under the previous iteration. Obviously, the current iteration has played together on just 3 occasions so it will unlikely be a good parameter.

nawwk is still relatively inexperienced in the top-tier of the CSGO circuit and might take time. But, the 21-year-old seems to possess all the tools to cut it at Fnatic.

Hampus ‘hampus’ Poser (Current Team: Gamer Legion)

Photo Via FRAGlider

Fnatic needs to replace Xizt too, and bring in an IGL with perhaps, fresh ideas and more importantly, an ability to hold his own on the server. Hampus is dat guy.

An IGL with a knack of converting 1vX situations is a rare find. (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

The 20-year-old is a master at clutches, something Fnatic direly need. He boasts a rating of 1.05, which is handy for an IGL. The only problem Fnatic might run into is the prospect that Ninjas in Pyjamas could also be targeting hampus as a replacement for Get_RighT.

Christopher ‘Get_RighT’ Alesund (Current Team: Ninjas in Pyjamas)

GeT RiGhT at IEM Katowice Major 2019; Photo via ESL

Hear us out on this one! Get_RighT was once a member of fnatic during the 1.6 era. The only motive to move to NiP was the offer to play CSGO and be the first ones to establish a legacy in the game.

He did exactly that and has gone on to be revered as one of the greatest to grace the Counter-Strike circuit. But, with news of NiP running into troubled waters as regards to player contracts and revenues from the past, there is also a suggestion from Fifflaren that Get_Right is perhaps, being forced out against his will.

While this is just speculation, Get_RighT seemed to hint towards it when asked by OJBorg at ESL One Cologne, where the Swede responded to whether he will retire after he leaves NiP with a resounding ‘Fuck No’.

JW also stated that he hopes GeT_RighT will keep playing and that the fellow Swede can be an essential player for many teams.

Coming to why Get_RighT makes sense, Fnatic need a lurker to round out the roster we have mentioned herein. Who better than the quintessential lurker who defined the very art of it.

Get_RighT would also be an isle of motivation for the young breed of players we have named above. The Swede might have lost out on some of his firepower, but his perseverance and passion towards the game is unparalleled.

Get_RighT won’t be a long-term addition. The Swede is likely to be brought in to make the roster balanced in terms of experience and to guide the youngsters along the way, perhaps for the first six months or a year or so.

Fnatic and Get_RighT are two names synonymous with Swedish Counter-Strike. Perhaps, it is time for the two to get together again to bring about the resurgence of the local scene.

IF we abide by this roster, Fnatic could look like this after the Starladder Berlin Major:

  • Ludvig Brollan Brolin (Assault/Second Entry)
  • Freddy KRIMZ Johansson (Support)
  • Tim nawwk Jonasson (AWPER/Entry)
  • Hampus hampus Poser (IGL)
  • Christopher GeT_RighT Alesund (Lurker)
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