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Northeption Eliminate Xerxia Esports at Valorant Masters Copenhagen

The first elimination match of the event had XERXIA taking on the Japanese debutant Northeption on the third day of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen. 

Xerxia is hot from a defeat from FPX, which was one of the most contested series, and Xerxia was edged out on the last map. 

While Northeption faced DRX with a closely contested first map, Northeption was dominated on the second map to lose their first international match. 

Today’s match would have just one survivor, and the loser would be eliminated from the event. The map veto started with Northeption banning Icebox, While XERXIA banned Fracture, a map they permanently ban. 

Northeption picked Split while Xerxia picked Haven to play as their first map. The following two bans were Breeze and Ascent from Northeption and Xerxia, respectively, while Bind remains the decider. 

Northeption’s split started with them on attack and, despite starting well, had a tough time breaking Xerxia’s defence, with Northeption losing the half 4-8. 

Xerxia, now on the attack, started poorly with them losing the first four rounds. Xerxia reset their mental and found answers to Northeption’s defence and won the game 13-9.

With this, Xerxia won Northeption’s map pick, putting Northeption on the back foot. 

The second map, Haven, was a must-win for the Northeption side, and despite losing the first two rounds, they went on to win the next eight rounds to close out the half 8-4. 

The second half started well for Northeption, winning the first three rounds. XERXIA managed to put up a fight, but Northeption, with Meteor’s opening duel wins, and Derialy’s flanks, Northeption managed to close out the game 13-8, forcing out the third map.

Bind started with a back and forth, and both teams started exchanging rounds with each other both teams were always one or two rounds away from each other, with the first half of the last map ending in a draw. 

The second half was similar, with both teams going at each other, with Meteor and foxz led the charge from both sides and exchanged blows after blows, and the second half with JoxJo’s heroics ended with a draw, too, forcing overtime. 

The overtime started with Sscary winning a 1v2 clutch on the attack to gain an advantage. But Meteors opening kill on Brimstone helped Northeption equalise the game.

The second OT started with Northeption, completely halting Xerxia’s push. On attack, they rushed into B, taking control to win the game in the second OT with a score of 15-13

With this Northeption win the series 2-1, eliminate Xerxia and will play FunPlus Phoenix tomorrow for a spot in Playoffs.

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