NiP sign es3tag, LNZ returns to Young Ninjas

Ninjas in Pyjamas on their have announced the signing of Patrick “es3tag” Hansen to their active CS:GO division while the swedish side add Linus “⁠LNZ⁠” Holtäng back to the academy roster despite the former having led NiP to the Quarter-Final of the recently concluded PGL Major Stockholm.

After getting transfer listed by the Dallas based organization at the beginning of November, es3tag has signed up for the Ninjas In Pyjamas campaign, his second switch under six months. His previous projects indeed have been a nightmare due to constant structural failures resulting in both Cloud9 and Complexity dropping their CS:GO rosters with the latter to revamp their roster ahead of the 2022 competitive circuit.

At Ninjas In Pyjamas, es3tag will reunite with Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz from Astralis after the former was traded off to Cloud9 for their European iteration which was later terminated due to several reasons, most notably citing the inability to locate the roster for a bootcamp due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. es3tag’s tenure at Complexity ended in a similar fashion with the team failing to qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major followed by the original joining a revamped Astralis.

es3tag will debut with NiP at the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Final starting November 24 and will face Astralis in their opener. The Danish player in a press release stated,

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be back at the absolute forefront of competitive CS:GO — to play with world-class proven individuals, with whom I can create a legacy. With backing from an organization like NIP I’m confident that everything surrounding the squad is primed so we can reach the pinnacle of CS:GO.And yes I speak Swedish.”

NiP further commented on LNZ and how motivated the Young Ninja feels after his first Quarter-Final appearance at a Major.

“This of course means that our boy Linus “LNZ” Holtäng stands down from the active roster and returns to his mates in the Young Ninjas. Like ztr before him, he rejoins the crew as a sixth member with a ton of experience to spread around and a magnificent beard to show for it. What’s more, the players on the main squad can rest easy knowing that an injury isn’t the end of the world because there’s someone behind them who can step up and help out.

Press at Ninjas In Pyjamas