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Ninja reaches 1 million subscribers on Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, the popular Fortnite streamer, has recently broken 1 million subscriptions on Mixer.com.

The news comes out only five days after Ninja signed an exclusive streaming deal with Mixer, the streaming company owned by Microsoft. Ninja had made the decision to be able to touch his roots and experience the reason he fell in love with streaming.

Ninja announced him achieving the milestone on Twitter. On his post, he thanked his fans for all the amazing support he had received after he left Twitch. Additionally, he said that he had not “felt this good in a long time”

Ninja spread love to the Mixer community by hosting another Fornite streamer. The streamer called “SoloQ_Jokerr” tweeted out saying that he had the “craziest/best day of my life”. He added that the host by Ninja forced him to turn off the alerts because he was gaining tons of followers every second. The streamer became emotional on the camera and thanked Ninja for the host. Additionally, he said Ninja had changed his life in a day and that Ninja is an “amazing guy”

Ninja also raided another streamer called “PHATTPANZ”. PHATTPANZ thanked Ninja for the raid. PHATTPANTZ gained more than 3000 followers following a raid by Ninja. He concluded by saying that August had been a really good month for him “but this insane”

However, the streamer has been helped hugely by Mixer on his journey to reach 1 million subscribers. Mixer, the company, have run a promotional campaign to pull Ninja’s Twitch audience to their own streaming platform. Mixer ran a free subscription service for Ninja for the first two months. After the promotion expires, fans will be forced to pay a monthly fee if they wish to be subscribed to Ninja.

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