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Yes, you read that correctly. The Indian team for the Overwatch World Cup 2019 was announced a short while ago. Indians are used to seeing their country at the biggest esports event in the world, but thanks toRushindra ‘Salbatic’Sinha, Vasu ‘method’ Chaturvedi and Ashwath ‘Ashr’ Ravee and the entire Global Esports team, India will be represented at the Overwatch World Cup 2019 at Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA.

A lot of efforts and hard work has gone into making this dream a reality, and now that this is happening, we as Indian esports fans should back our Indian squad wholeheartedly.

Let’s take a look at how this was made possible.

Back in May 2019, Global Esports CEO & Founder Rushindra ‘Salbatic’Sinha announced that India would be getting a slot at the Overwatch World Cup 2019, but since India was not in the top 10 teams, the players would have to fund their trip themselves. That is where Global Esports came in, not only did they negotiate with Blizzard to get India represented at the Overwatch World Cup, but also will foo the bill for the team’s visit to the World Cup.

Rushindra ‘Salbatic’ Sinha:

Global Esports is in direct touch with Blizzard and working with them to bring overwatch world cup to India. Since Blizzard will only be funding the top 10 teams and India doesn’t fall under that category (since this will be the first time India goes to any esports world cup) the entire expenses must be borne by the player. That’s where Global eSports comes in and takes over, so the player is won’t have to bare any cost.
Once the team is selected there will be roadshows hosted by GE across India to promote both overwatch and Team India.
GE will provide the final selected players with a bootcamp in Mumbai along with all the PCs, peripherals and equipment necessary.
Global eSports will also be taking the finalized players to our Korean Bootcamp to spend a few weeks / months there and practice against some of the best players in the world [Regular scrims with Contenders / OWL teams]
GE will then fly down and pay for accommodation of the players for the World cup in November at Anaheim, California.

Multiple trials were held over the last few weeks to ensure that the best of the best make it to the final squad of 7. The Team India World Cup Committee was led by Rushindra ‘Salbatic’Sinha as General Manager, Vasu ‘method’ Chaturvedi as Team Coach and Ashwath ‘Ashr’ Ravee as Community Lead. The try-outs were free and open for people of all ranks and skill levels. The final 7 made it here after going through a very rigorous selection process.

After many weeks of trials, the final 7 were announced today.

Global Esports CEO released the following statement along with the roster reveal:

We’ve worked ridiculously hard as a company for the past 2 years in developing talent and growing the overwatch scene. We start Global eSports with overwatch as the first game which gave us an entry into eSports. It is extremely satisfying to see all our hard work culminate to the point that where earlier India wasn’t even invited to the world cup to now having to manage and run the World Cup team as general manager. This is truly a glorious day for Indian esports and we’re proud that GE was the one to take it there. We have a lot planned for the official Indian World Cup team.
We will be doing roadshows, bootcamp in India, tournaments in sea and bootcamp in Korea to train with the best of the best. All these activities are going to be handled by Global eSports and will give Indian players the opportunity they deserve.
All of this will culminate in the overwatch worldcup happening in front of 80,000 people at Blizzcon on 1st November at the worldcup stadium near Los Angeles, California where we’ll go up against every other country.
We have the raw talent in our country and now the opportunity to nurture and give them a chance on a global stage.
Regardless of the result our goal is to make our country proud.

The seven who will be representing India at the Overwatch World Cup are:


  • Vatsal ‘Nightmare2k’ Uniyal: Main Tank
  • Girish ‘DJDestiny’ Das: Off Tank
  • Nishant ‘Archangel’ Chhabra: Off Tank


  • Aman ‘Cruzi’ Vivek
  • Chirag ‘Kcot’ Gupta


  • Sparsh ‘SoulHunter’ Oza: Main Support
  • Megh ‘PrimalMage‘ Patel: Flex Support

The Overwatch World Cup main event begins on 1st November 2019 at Blizzcon, Anaheim Convention Centre, California, USA.

Do tune in to support India at the World Cup.