Ninja To Stream Exclusively On Mixer, a streaming platform owned by Microsoft

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a world-famous video game streamer, has announced that he will no longer be streaming on Twitch. He will exclusively be streaming on Mixer, a streaming platform owned by Microsoft.  

Ninja made the announcement on his Twitter via a video.

In the video, which is shot in the form of a press conference, Ninja can be heard assuring the reporters that everything would be the same as before, there would only be a change in the streaming platform. In the video, Ninja says that this would be a great time for him to touch his roots and experience the reason he fell in love with streaming.

Ninja’s switch to Mixer will have a huge impact on Twitch. Ninja holds the record for the streamer with the highest followers on Twitch, a number which lies close to 14 million followers. Shortly after Ninja’s announcement about shifting to Mixer, he was removed as a Twitch verified streamer from the website.

On, Ninja will be forced to rebuild his audience from scratch. He currently sits at 43,000 followers on, a number way smaller than 14 million followers.

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