Ninja has streamed Fortnite close to 4K hours in 2018

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The most popular streamer, Ninja, recently just revealed his streaming hours in 2018, showing just how much dedication is required even by the biggest names.

According to his Twitter post, Ninja spent 3800 hours of streaming in 11 months of 2018. To put that in perspective, that is nearly 80 hours per week, amounting to nearly 11 and a half hours of Fortnite per day. That is over double the time an average American works for.

The 27-year-old has over 12.5 million followers and over 45000 paying subscribers, making annual earnings just shy of 2 million dollars from subscriptions alone. Apart from that, his sponsorship with Redbull running in millions, as well as his YouTube channel where he uploads highlights, was the fastest growing non-music channel to reach 10 million subscribers, which is a feat in itself.

The pressure on Ninja, however, is huge, as his followers demand a lot from him. When he took a break from streaming for just 3 days to attend E3 2018, he lost almost 48000 followers which has caused a lot of toll on him to deliver regular, long streams to maintain the growth of his channel. Other challenges include devoting time to practicing more, causing streams to be shortened.

Nonetheless, it is fair to say that Ninja is living a dream life by playing the game he loves for a living, having flexible working hours, earning millions, and most importantly, working on his own terms.

*Photo courtesy of ESPN

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