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OpTic Gaming Disbands PUBG Roster Citing Uncertainity with the Game

OpTic Gaming has caused a major blow to PUBG as an esport, after they announced that they would not be fielding a PUBG Team for the upcoming National PUBG League [NPL].

Although it’s not clear whether the release of the roster was due to the performance of the team or the future of PUBG as an Esport, OpTic on its subreddit said that it was the latter.

With the recent news of the National PUBG League (NPL) kicking off in the coming months it has required us to really focus in on the title and where we see it moving in the future, causing us to question our belief not only in the game as a competitive esport but also the formatting and structure of the league itself. Because of these two reasons alone, following the GLL Finals December 6th-8th, we will no longer be fielding a PUBG team.

The statement clearly stressed that the structuring of the league, which is set to begin in early 2019 is the reason for the move, although the sheer reduction of viewership in PUBG, marked by the increasing bugs in the game, as well as not optimising the viewer experience may be the actual reason which has caused them to take such an extreme step.

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This marks the end of the road for OpTic in PUBG having been active for a year. They, however, have not ruled out a re-entry in the future, as they stated that they would “continue to keep an eye on the PUBG space,” keeping open the possibility that they might re-enter the esport if the league is successful.”

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