Astralis could win an extra $1 million if they win ESL Pro League Finals

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Astralis, who have been on a roll off late have a chance to win an extra $1 million if they win the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals thanks to the Intel Grand Slam which has been running for over a year.

According to the rules of the Intel Grand Slam, any team that wins 4 premier titles, which includes ESL, IEM and Dreamhack events, are eligible to receive $1 million from Intel. This, however, is based on a rolling 10 event period, meaning after winning the first event the teams need to secure the other 3 in the next 9 events.

Photo via ECS

Astralis, who most recently won IEM Chicago, have also won ESL Pro League Season 7 and Dreamhack Masters Marseille 2018 have FaZe hot on their heels who are at 2 wins, and would look to displace Astralis off their perch by making it 3 wins and making it an even more exciting contest.

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This is, however, not Astralis’ final chance as they can also win the IEM Katowice Major to claim the prize, which could be a fitting way to mark their dominance. Another interesting addition to this format by Intel is that the team that beats Astralis if they reach the final stands to win $100000 which puts another target on the backs of the Danes.

*Photo courtesy of HLTV

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