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Ninja gets his own Fortnite skins

EPIC Games, with its latest Fortnite update, has introduced The Icon Series where they are expected to animate popular content creators into skins for player models in the game.

Skins bring cosmetic enhancements to various aspects of a video game. They are popularly seen in from of weapon skins and player models and help players escape from the stray looks of those they use on a regular basis.

Having previously collaborated with Mashmallow and Major Lazer, their next step in blending real life with the game is this Icon Series Update, where we will see many content creators turned into skins, starting with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

The player model is in perfect sync with Ninja’s theme. Bult around his signature blue color, the character boast a Blue Jacket with a Ninja logo in up the sleeves. A pair of black mitt gloves. The high collars of the jacket cover the side edges of the face. The face resembles Ninja by a mile and has his iconic blue hair with sublime spikes held by a yellow headband.


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