According to a report by,  CIS Organization Natus Vincere have lately been reconsidering their options to field Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács for their future projects and opportunities. Having been transferred from FaZe Clan at the end of the Berlin Major, the Ukrainian has failed to show up and couldn’t keep up his top notch performances on the track.

Under the Faze Clan banner, GuardiaN did manage to help FaZe Clan sweep two Quarter final finishes and finishing second at the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 where we witnessed North American Giants Cloud9 lift their First Major Title. Soon after GuardiaN rose to his peak as FaZe Clan lifted the IEM Sydney 2018 title alongside winning the ELEAGUE Invitational 2019 and Blast Pro Miami 2019. But unfortunately the Ukrainian couldn’t steer his team to the playoffs of the Starladder Berlin Major which saw the European side exit the tournaments in the group stage. Soon later GuardiaN filled in the shoes for Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko when the later planned to retire from the competitive scene.

According to the report, the 28year Old hasn’t been showing up at the team’s practice schedules and in the due course Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is reportedly  stepping in the Sniper role with Rodion “fear” Smyk from the Na’Vi  Jr Roster  has been rifling at the practice sessions. At the moment, the acquisition is not yet confirmed by any official sources but Na’Vi might be looking for some fresh blood from the player pool.  Please stay tuned for some further content and news about GuardiaN and his fate at Natus Vincere.


  1. […] 正如之前 TalkEsport 的信息一样,我们是根据1pv.fr的见解购买了此信息的,据报道,Na' Vi在将来自斯洛伐克的AWPer换成替补席后,团队在EPICENTER 2019,StarSeries i联赛第8季以及大量LAN和离线比赛中表现不佳。由于GuardiaN被NaVi Jr名册上的Rodion“恐惧” Smyk取代,我们确实从前五名中得出了这位28岁球员的命运。 […]

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