Neymar Outplays ZywOo, shox in CSGO Showmatch

The Paris Saint-Germain forward clutched a 1v4 to win his team the pistol round on Inferno.

neymar csgo

Soccer legend Neymar Jr. has proven his CSGO skills once again, as he took on pros Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and Richard “shox” Papillon in a showmatch today.

During the pistol round on Inferno, Neymar managed to outplay his opponents and clutched an insane 1v4 by throwing back-to-back headshots at his opposition.

Rod “Slasher” Breslau shared a clip of the round through his Twitter and termed Neymar as the “next esports superstar,” jokingly asking teams to sign him.

After landing a headshot from the Inferno balcony, Neymar got the bomb down on A and waited for his enemies to arrive. His second victim was ZywOo, who instantly received a headshot when attempting a retake. Neymar then proceeded to kill another enemy near the same spot and managed to finish the round by killing Shox with a headshot.

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While Neymar’s exceptional CSGO skills are indeed commendable, it wasn’t enough for his team to take the match win. The game ended with a scoreline of 16-5, with Neymar’s team on the losing side.