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What is the CSGO rank of Neymar Jr?

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Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. is renowned worldwide for his skills with the ball, but not many are aware about his skills in video games, especially first-person shooters.

The PSG forward has been playing CSGO for years now, and he seems to possess some serious skills in the competitive shooter by Valve. It was just yesterday that he got an insane ace with the USP-S on Inferno while livestreaming his gameplay.

Neymar also started streaming on Twitch recently, and has grown to be a celebrated personality on the streaming platform in no time. His follower count on Twitch exceeds a whopping 469,000.

With his increasing popularity as a CSGO player, many fans started wondering what his rank was in the game. While Neymar has stopped playing matchmaking for a while, he still plays on the third-party matchmaking platform FACEIT quite regularly.

Earlier, Neymar had shared pics through her Instagram which revealed his CSGO rank to be Master Guardian 1, but his current rank has expired due to inactivity. The 28-year-old is at level 3 in FACEIT, which even though is in the lower half of the spectrum, isn’t actually that bad at all.

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In fact, Neymar’s CSGO gameplay and his grasp on the game’s mechanics has continued to amaze fans across the world. Take a look at this clip from yesterday where he demonstrates great aim, along with incredible movement to outplay his opponents.

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