Photo: Dexerto

Only after a few days since the last CSGO update which introduced two new maps – Swamp and Mutiny – to the game, Valve has shipped out another update to the game which primarily aims to bring balance to both the maps and patch out exploits.

Apart from the map fixes, the most important change of this patch is the fix to the smoke exploit which was discovered by Richard Lewis and shared through his YouTube video.

This major bug allowed players to make smokes invisible for them while it appeared perfectly normal for the other players. While Lewis didn’t reveal how he did the trick to prevent players spamming it in pubs, he did say that this trick was unbelievably easy to do and that it didn’t trigger VAC.

It appears like Valve has noticed the situation and have taken swift action to patch out the exploit. In under 24 hours since the video was put up by Richard Lewis, Valve shipped out the new update for CSGO, fixing this smoke exploit which should now be impossible to do in-game.

The fix was stated in the official CSGO blog as, “Optimized platform shader files and sound configuration files to be packed inside compressed VPK files.”

Apart from this, several changes were made to Mutiny and Swamp to improve visibility, optimise performance, fix bugged spots, and balance the maps out in general.

Here’s a complete list of the changes made to the maps as mentioned in the CSGO Blog.