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Need For Speed Unbound Unlimited Money Glitch Explained

Need for Speed Unbound is one of the best games around and what makes it so different from the previous iteration is that it takes the best from every iteration of the game that came before. NFS Unbound manages to stick to the core DNA of NFS and improve upon the fundaments to bring it to par with some modern-day rivals like Forza Horizon. 

NFS Unbound has managed to isolate the strength of Need for Speed games and cover its weaknesses with them. Overall, the game has proven to be highly lucrative and fans are falling in love with it once again. It builds upon the plethora of customization options and a variety of cars from previous titles and takes it to the next level which is complemented by stunning visuals. 

The game is stunning in almost every area however there are several bugs and glitches that make the game an interesting one. Most notably, the unlimited money glitch has raised quite a few eyebrows and in this article, we explore what it is and how players can abuse it. 

How To Use The Unlimited Money Glitch In NFS Unbound?

Once you are in the garage, look for the Weekly Calender under the Play option. Every Saturday, you get to take part in the Qualifiers Race where rewards come in cash and cars, however, there is a way to redeem that money thereby rendering it unlimited.

Make sure to win three different rances to trigger the glitch. Once you have your 3rd race win on the board, the game will take you to the reward cutscene. Exactly when you are moving out of the reward’s cutscene, make sure to quit the game before the next cut scene appears.

When you start the game after doing so, you will notice that the money is credited to your in-game wallet and at the same time you get to race again and get that money. Repeating this process can be time-consuming and boring but the reward is highly lucrative.

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