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How to unlock NA-45 Sniper in COD Mobile

NA-45 is the latest addition to the pool of snipers in COD Mobile. Here are two ways by which you can get your hands on this gun.

Call of Duty: Mobile has released lots of new features and content with its latest season 11 update. On the occasion of its first anniversary, the players received a ton of new content that contained interesting changes like major upgrades to the rank seasons, new streak of events, free emotes, a new battle-royale and some new guns. NA-45 is the latest sniper in COD Mobile can be obtained by two methods.

Players who can spend money can obtain a legendary skin of this gun and those who want to obtain it through fair means without spending any money can simply complete some tasks in the seasonal event to unlock the base gun without any skins.

COD Mobile NA-45 Sniper Details

The NA-45 is a special sniper which stands apart from its fellow pool of snipers in COD Mobile. This gun has a unique feature that lets players to shoot it twice in a row before it goes back to the cocking action. The second bullet when shot , creates an area damage effect which can be considered as overpowered by some players.

This unique feature allows users to easily bring down the enemies without much precision, which is strikingly opposite to what is usually needed for landing a sniper shot.

This sniper can be termed as game breaking because of its sheer abilities to destroy the enemies without much efforts needed. The snipers players in any game need to carefully think about their position to get the full advantage of their gun but with a NA-45 in their hands, any COD can pull off the daredevil plays to land long range as well as impactful short range shots without much hassle.

How to unlock NA-45 in COD Mobile

The abilities mentioned above makes this gun, the best sniper in entire COD Mobile in the upcoming seasons and hence, players should absolutely get their hands on the NA-45. There are two methods through which players can unlock this gun:

Method involving CP:

CP is the in-game currency of COD Mobile and the players who wish too spend some of their real money to unlock this gun with a legendary skin can do so by these simple steps:

  • Launch COD Mobile and click on the “Thorned Rose” Draw provided above the events section.
  • You will be redirected to a spin section. Now continue to spin until you unlock the legendary NA-45 Lycanthrope skin.

Note: This method needs large amounts of CP hence it is not recommended unless you want the skin alongside the gun

Event Redemption Method:

There is an ongoing event named Elite Marksman which awards NA-45 as the special event when players complete the eight tasks assigned to them. This is the simplest but a bit tedious method but players will get the NA-45 for free after completing some simple tasks. The list of tasks is as follows and some of the hard ones are already covered by us:

  • Kill 10 enemies with Agile perk equipped
  • Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifle
  • Earn long shot medal five times
  • Kill 15 enemies with sniper rifle equipped with 2 attachments.
  • Kill 20 enemies with sniper rifle equipped with 5 attachments
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with laser attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with optic attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with four attachments

After completing these tasks, players receive a NA-45 and tons of battlepass XP as the rewards. This is a long method but a free alternative to get the gun without spending any money. By the two methods mentioned above, players can easily unlock this gun and dominate the opponents with a sniper that deals splash damage.

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