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Mushi returns to Fnatic DotA 2 squad, 343 to replace Net

Even though after the spectacular performance from team Fnatic in the past few month which got the team direct invites to the tournaments and majors. The organization had to go through some roster changes, while Mushi steps back in the team 343 will be replacing Net.

Fnatic with the current roster is regarded as one of the best teams in the world and currently ranked at position 1 according to the data and stats from GosuGamers. Although the organization had to through the roster changes, there was little concern about the performance, the major reason behind the roster shuffle was irrelevant to the in-game performances, having a team with 6 players is always been a problem and Fnatic was the victim of a similar misfortune with their current roster.


Right after the Shanghai Majors, DJ wanted a break to sort his VISA issues which lead to the team being in an unfortunate position with only 4 active players. Eventually, to participate in the forthcoming tournaments Fnatic decided to take up 343 as a stand-in.

The performance of the team was marvelous after the addition of 343 to the roster and Fnatic then decided to have him as a full time substitute in their roster since the tuning of the rest of the players as the players were comfortable playing with him.

Later, When It was the time for DJ to Return to the team when Mushi was the next one to take a temporary rest regarding health concerns. 343 stood up for Fnatic to replace Mushi in his absence. Since, now Mushi is back to his fitness and plans on returning into the scene after his break, Fnatic management had to take the heavy-hearted decision and underwent a major roster change.

The now effective decision from Fnatic management was to include Mushi and 343 to the starting lineup and Net as a full time Substitute which in turn led to the departure of Net from the roster.

From 343’s perspective


Net’s take on the shuffle

“On The Upcoming Tournament Event, You guys won’t see my name in the Fnatic, I have to thank Fnatic that gave me a chance to learn and also people who support me all time.”

Statement from Fnatic management – Eric “Reinnnn” Khor

“It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce the departure of Net from our team. Through his time in Fnatic, I have gotten to know him a lot better and also the dedication that he put into the game. Generally a quiet person, it was a refreshing change to see Net went from the introvert that he is into the guy who cracks the joke. It really felt like a family here but we knew the inevitable was coming and someone had to be subbed out. After a lot of discussion, the team decided that Net would be the one to take the back seat. We would have loved him to stay with us but it is understandable that he would want to leave the team to pursue another opportunity. Here, I want to thank Net for all the joyous times and all his hard work. I wish him all the best for his future.”

Wishing all the very best to the players of Team Fnatic and Net for the upcoming major tournaments. We hope to see a stable lineup in near future and some great DotA performances from the team.

Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Being following the esports scene for past 5 years as a player a.k.a Arrow, Vishal has worked with top-notch eSports organization as a writer. Arrow's vision is to provide worthy content to the community to improve with all the resources available at the disposal. Love's travelling and covering eSports events on the go!

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