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TyLoo defeats Renegades to win PGL KeSPA Asia Minor

TyLoo outperformed Renegades in a best of thee finals at PGL KeSPA Minor Championship Asia grand final concluding the series at 2-1 (Cbbel 5-16, Mirage 16-5 and Cache 16-13).

The match-up started with Renegades picking Cbble and comfortably able to win it over the Chinese roster when they beat them with a strong and marginal scoreline after leading the charts by straight 13 rounds in the first half of the first map, final scoreline 5-16.


The series then approached towards the second map where TyLoo’s favorite Mirage where they already have had a couple of victories, they beat Renegades in the same fashionable manner  and avenged Cbble’s loss with Mirage’s win with scoreboard ticking at 16-5, this time in favor of the Chinese.

The third map, however, was very similar to what previously happened with Renegades starting strong and were able to put the favorable first half at 11-4 as terrorist. TyLoo however, didn’t lose hope and they were even better in executing the terrorist’s strategies, by when, they were able to grab the title of the champions just after winning the third map with kind of close battle and the score line limiting at 16-13 and an additional $30,000 in the bank.

Both the teams will have their say and slots in the ESL One Colonge 2016 majors where they will be competing against world’s best CSGO teams.

Sajid Paik
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