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Madhya Pradesh Govt. to regulate online gaming activities

Madhya Pradesh Government might be taking some stringent steps very soon to regulate the use of video games in the state and probably curtail gaming activities to some extent. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has stated that the home government will be taking some steps towards this soon.

According to a report by Mint, MP govt. is planning to bring a law to regulate online gaming as per the state Home Minister. The report states that the reason behind taking this action is the rampant use of online games and their addictive nature. A disturbing suicide case linked to video games is also one of the reasons.

Mr. Mishra made the following statement to reporters: “We are going to bring an Act in Madhya Pradesh to regulate online gaming. The draft is ready and will be brought to the Cabinet for final approval.”

The Madhya Pradesh government will also form a new regulating body to monitor and control online gaming activities and ultimately prevent some cases of addiction, self-harm, and violence through the same. Mr. Mishra also stated that the government had announced the formation of such a body in January 2022.

Adding to this, Mishra also stated the following while talking about the suicide case of an 11-year-old boy due to online gaming. He said, “We will be making amendments to the public gambling act, and a law to regulate online gaming platforms will be introduced soon.”

Mr. Mishra also spoke on some other alerting events in MP and corrective actions that would be taken for the same. The regulating body will be a first in India and its impact would be significant if the rules are correctly imposed.

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