M3 Champions likely to replace D3ffo with Ex-NaVi Kay/O Main Jady

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M3Champions (Ex-Gambit), after their Stage two Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Challengers debacle, have decided to bench d3ffo based on his underwhelming performance during the EMEA Challengers. According to the sources, the team is trying out NaVi’s Ex-Player Jady as the potential fifth.

Gambit Esports sent storms across the world after their successful 2021 run, winning the third master, i.e., VCT Masters Berlin 2021, and the young team put EMEA on the map when all the eyes were on Sentinels. 

They continued their brilliant performance but failed to close out the series at Valorant Champions against Ascend, losing the title to the International Ascend Roster. 

But come 2022, Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Gambit, as a Russian Organisation, wasn’t allowed to compete. Thus the players of Gambit had to compete under the new alias Masters 3 Champions or M3C.

This change comes during the Group stage of Stage 1 VCT EMEA Challengers. This was a rational decision from Gambit and Riot as the players did not do any wrong, and Gambit’s support for their players during the crisis was appreciated. 

Their run in the tournament ended pretty quickly after losing to FPX in the Playoffs stage, where FPX later went on to win the whole event.

Come the current split, FPX played the group stage well, qualifying as the third seed from Group B and managing to defeat Ascend and Team Liquid in the playoffs but eventually lost to FPX to get eliminated.

The tournament run was well fought, but the team lacked a lot making it hard for them to close out games. M3C, VCT EMEA Challengers tried switching roles this split but didn’t yield any results. 

The disappointing results despite the strong performances from Chronicle and Nats were a huge bad sign for M3C going into The VCT EMEA LCQ. To ensure their best chances, M3C has decided to bench d3ffo ahead of VCT EMEA LCQ and is likely to play with NaVi’s jady as the new fifth.

The Russian 18-Year-Old has been part of the professional Valorant Scene since its dawn, playing for smaller rosters initially and later joining the European iteration of Ninjas in Pyjamas. After the organization quit its operation, Jady was picked by NaVi in December 2021. 

The youngster spends a good seven months in the org. While the team has issues making it out of the group stage, his performance surpasses the team’s inability to win. 

The youngster has announced he is taking a break from competition because of deteriorating mental health and has been inactive since May of 2022. 

Mainly playing Kay/O throughout, Jady would be a great addition to the team as Chronicle is now taking up the duelist role. The new edition of M3C would be seen in action at the VCT EMEA LCQ and send storms across the region.

As of D3ffo, according to the sources, Ascend has his eyes on D3ffo after benching Zeek. While nothing is concrete now, the new editions of both teams would be a sight to watch. 

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