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Ascend Valorant Bench Zeek Ahead of VCT EMEA LCQ

Ahead of the upcoming VCT EMEA LCQ, Ascend has decided to bench the MVP of their Valorant Champions winning run, Zeek. The decision is based on the disappointing finish in the current split of VCT EMEA Challengers. 

Ascend became the world champion in 2021 after winning the inaugural Valorant Champions with Zeek, CNED, Bonecold, Starxo and Kiles and were top of the world. The year 2022 was a rough start, with them benching Bonecold at the start of the year and later benching Kiles. 

The team later got vakk and MONSTERR to complete their rosters. But the results remained the same, with the team managing to qualify for the VCT EMEA Challengers playoff but lost to FPX, ending their tournament run. 

The team still has enough points to qualify for the LCQ, and thus the management has decided to bench Zeek and trial a new player ahead of VCT EMEA LCQ 2022. 

Aleksander “Zeek” Zygmunt is a Polish Flex player who started his Valorant Journey playing for Those guys and then nolpenki to join G2 Esports in the year 2021. In a Roster Shuffle between G2 and Ascent, Zeek was added to Ascend in place of Koldamenta in June of 2021. 

With Ascent, Zeek became the Grand finalist of VCT Masters Berlin and the MVP and winner of Valorant Champions of the year 2021.

Ascend as a whole seems to be struggling this year and have been taking steps to change things, while the team currently has 

cNed, starxo, vakk and MONSTERRR as part of their roster, they’d try to find the final puzzle of the piece and compete with the updated roster at VCT EMEA LCQ.

While Zeek still wishes to compete and would be available for any team that is ready to give him a chance. He would be a restricted F/A until his contract expires, and Ascend would be willing to loan him or free him as soon as a team shows interest. 

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