Indian CSGO servers are back, more updates and tweaks in the latest update

After the reports of being newly tied up by a networking partner, Valve’s official India partner LordNOD announced on twitter that the servers will be up and running and would be better than the previous ones. The game got an update last night which upgraded a lot of audio and visual changes and also added back Indian CSGO servers while queuing up for casuals / competitive and death-match servers.

Indian CSGO servers
Source: SteamDB

The highlights of the update apart from the Indian CSGO servers were improvements in the newly added Killer Replay module. The new version of Simple DirectLayer Media has been introduced which will enhances the in-game experience. And a broadcast support for the recently announced CS:GO minor championship.

Indian CSGO servers


The servers which were earlier hosted in Mumbai have now been shifted to Hyderabad, due to which the majority of the players are getting hiked pings and a marginal 50% addition to what they previously used to get.

The complete update log can be found below:

– Visually upgraded all first-person arm, hands and glove models.

Gloves visuals

– Fixed a bug where client could sometimes get stuck in Killer Replay with a black screen.
– Fixed a bug where victim weapons could sometimes be invisible in Killer Replay.
– Player’s own footstep sounds are now correctly mixed as third-person footsteps during Killer Replay.
– Voice communications are now not faded out before and after Killer Replay.

– Reduced volume falloff distance for USP-S.
– Removed high frequencies from Killer Replay tape sound.
– Adjusted falloff curve of ricochet and impact sounds.
– Minor mix tweaks.

– Added official game servers in India.

– Upgraded to newer version of libSDL.
– Improved game performance during the end of match scoreboard.
– Sound options now distinguish between headphones vs two-speakers options.

– Added support for in-game broadcast of Regional Minor Championships

Source: CounterStrike Blog