Thorin mocks Shaq on Live TV at NBA-TNT live from CES

The arguments between Esports and traditional sports personalities are seen at every corner of the world. We are often said to have failed to explain others about the potential of our sports and the possibility of the traditional sport bearers getting convinced is rare.

That’s what happened during a showmatch between OpTicGaming and LoungeGaming at E-League live at NBA-TNT desk. While analyzing the match Thorin while speaking about how ‘ShahZam’ thrashed and flopped the dreams of LoungeGaming in winning, mocked the star ex-NBA player Shaq’O Neal of his flop box office movie, Kazaam—a jab that is right on point for Inside the NBA, which is known for its playful banter.

The guys at NBA desk also did respond in the same manner:


Thorin: “Problem for them is ShahZam, he turned up. And I am not talking about Kaazam, that terrible movie that Shaq made in the 90’s. I tell you what, it was a terrible movie for the Lounge guys, they didn’t want to see any part of that. What do you think about that?

Richard Lewis: “Takes a lot of steel to say that brother.”

Shaq O’Neal: “We can play any game you want in a couple of weeks. I’ll make you eat those words buddy. We challenge you three.”

Thorin: “What about weight loss? Should we do that?

Shaq O’Neal: “What about muscles? What about boxing—when I come over there and punch you in the face? This is America, the Queen can’t help you out.”

It was a bit of harmless fun from Shields, whose target was a man who proudly stated earlier today that esports was, in fact, a sport—an opinion that some of his peers may not share.