CSGO minor

The CS:GO Regional Minor Championships could be a new initiative from Valve to additional nurture the Counter-Strike: world Offensive eSports scene. it’ll offer the chance to groups that are not nonetheless ok to play within the Majors, to play on an expert stage with full, top quality production. this can hopefully offer groups the mandatory expertise to form consecutive step into the key competition. CSGO minor will be conducted for four regions initially.

Valve has proclaimed a brand new regional system of tournaments, CSGO minor to travel with the already existing Major tournaments.

CSGO minor
CSGO Minor championship

Each Minor can feature a $50,000 prize pool and therefore the winner of every regional Minor are invited to participate within the offline qualifier for the key at MLG Columbus. As of straight away, there square measure four minors planned: CIS, Europe, Americas and Asia.

Teams that have participated as Challengers or Legends in previous Majors aren’t eligible to participate within the Minors.