Logitech is one of the world’s leading names when it comes to Gaming, producing all essential peripherals required to level up your game play. In a press release on their official website, Logitech announced the acquisition of Streamlabs, a popular and sophisticated livestreaming tool. Streamlabs is a leader in software and tools for live streaming, allowing game streamers to engage with viewers, grow their brands and channels, and monetize their broadcasts across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook.

Ujesh Desai, general manager and vice president of Logitech G, commented:

“We’ve been fans of Streamlabs and their software since we started partnering with them over two years ago. Their industry-leading software is complementary to our existing gaming portfolio, and we believe we can do even greater things together.”

Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs for approximately $89 million in cash, with an additional payment of $29 million in Logitech stock subject to the achievement of significant revenue growth targets for Streamlabs.

Streamlabs claims that 70% of Twitch uses Streamlabs, owing to its user-friendly interface and a wide array of options, themes and apps you can use to perfect the look of your stream ad per your own preferences. Streamlabs enables the user to stream to Twitch as well as competing platforms like YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook and is supposedly better than Twitch’s own newly released streaming software, Twitch Studio.

Logitech owns Blue Microphones which is the usual choice for a majority of the streamers so owning Streamlabs should enable better integration of Logitech’s stream friendly hardware which is popular amongst streamers and the newly acquired software which already dominates the streaming world.

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