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LCK 2020 finals hit 1 million concurrent viewers as T1 sweeps Gen.G 3-0

T1 claims their third title in a row after defeating Gen.G in a much anticipated matchup.

After defeating DragonX 3-1 on April 22, T1 managed to successfully clean sweep Gen.G 3-0 in the finals and were crowned as the winners of LCK 2020. Moon โ€œCuzzโ€ Woo-chan who played Graves, Olaf and Sylas in the three games was declared as the MVP of the series. Cuzz pulled off several key plays in each game to ultimately lead his team to the deserved series victory.

Game 1 started off with good competition between the two finalists, the match went back and forth but Gen.G fell short in the end and gave in to T1 after 45 minutes of action. Games 2 and 3 were, however, a one-sided showdown. T1 out drafted their opponents and converted their early advantages into quick victories as Gen.G struggled to find their pace, resulting in a 3-0 clean sweep by the former.

Faker leads T1 to ninth LCK title win / Photo: Riot Games

The matchup between T1 and Gen.G was something the entire League fanbase looked forward to, especially after the drama revolving around Faker and ex-T1 member Kim โ€œClidโ€ Tae-min. The LCK 2020 finals saw the viewership rise to over 1 million concurrent viewers on Twitch. The match peaked at 1,074,561 viewers, a significant improvement over the LCS Spring finals which peaked at around 379k viewers.

Since the MSI 2020 got cancelled earlier through an announcement by Riot, T1 will have to wait till the Summer split to aim for another title win. If they continue to be on their current form, they’ll certainly be the fan-favorites for the next split.

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