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Latest CSGO update accidentally lets players see through walls

Better hold off your Overwatch cases for now, because the guy who keeps killing everyone through smoke may not be a waller after all. The June 12th CSGO update aimed at improving visibility across the maps and the player models, in general, may have backfired as more and more players are reporting to be able to see through smokes, and even walls on various scenarios.

The post made by Reddit user and CSGO player u/TimSchumi showcased how he was able to see the outline of a CT behind a silo on Nuke even when his enemy was completely out of his line of sight. Furthermore, the outline also seemed to move in the same manner as the actual player moved, which in normal circumstances would make wall bangs a piece of cake to perform. 

The post was quick to gain traction among the community as more players acknowledged to have encountered similar issues in the comments. Many of them complained that they were able to clearly see enemies through smokes.

While u/TimSchumi mentioned that he had already sent the bug reports to the Valve team, he also made it clear that he wasn’t able to identify the root cause of this weird bug. Inability to consistently recreate the bug could cause difficulties for the Valve team who’re working on the issue, further making matters worse.

Comment from discussion .

It’s still unclear why this type of glitch is happening, but fans have already started to speculate about the reasons that may have caused this. According to one Redditor, some sort of ‘halo effect’ may be working which misinterprets the visibility of player models when seen through walls. 

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