How to convert CSGO sensitivity to Valorant?

Thousands of Indian VALORANT players are raising complaints that they’re unable to play VALORANT currently even though the game servers are up and running. However, what’s strange is that a large number of Indian players are still able to connect to the servers, and it appears like only a specific Indian ISP is preventing its users from playing VALORANT at the moment.

Upon digging through various forums, it’s apparent that only people using Reliance Jio as their ISP are finding themselves unable to play VALORANT. The reason behind this is still unclear though, since seemingly all other Indian ISPs are still allowing VALORANT to be played from them.

The authorities haven’t announced why they’ve prohibited players from playing VALORANT at the moment, but this decision is surely taking a toll on the VALORANT player base in India.

However, Riot Games’ another insanely popular title – League of Legends, seems to be working fine for Jio users.

For now, Jio users will have to opt for shooters other than VALORANT for their FPS gaming needs as no scheduled time can still be found for when will this issue be fixed.

It goes without saying that a good number of VALORANT players are from India. So, this sudden outage of the users of one of the biggest ISPs in India is sure to cause a dip in the player count of the competitive shooter by Riot.